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I walk through a museum that has dedicated itself to discover the myth and legends of my people. Legends. Thats all my people are now, legends passed down through generations of civilizations we saved. As I walk past models of various vehicles and power armor that are no where close to the actually thing, well the power armor is kinda close. The one thing this place prides itself on is that the weapons are actually real. As in they found weapons of my people and have them on display. When I heard that, I made my way here hoping they had the key that has been passed down from supreme commander to supreme command until me that is.

Besides being used as a tool of death, the sword serves another function. One that only I know of and will do everything in my power to prevent from happening again. My journey to the weapon gallery takes me from the (not even close) replica gallery to the gallery of myths. Apparently they also collect stories created about my people. I come across a picture of a dark being fighting a demonic monster. The description beneath the painting is one I’ve grown fond of ever since I came out of a over ten thousand year cryogenic sleep.

“A mighty powerful army of black that travel the heavens to battle against the demon horde bent on the death and destruction of the galaxy.”

Out of all the stories, that one line from one of thousands is my favorite. I’m glad the survivors didn’t let our sacrifice go forgotten, even if its just myth now. I chuckle at that as a memory of  something one of my commanders said prior to the final engagement.

“Well sir, we might become extinct ourselves, but we will become LEGEND!!”

At around the last part he throws his arms up causing much needed laughter. He’ll never know how true his joke became.

“Enjoying the art work sir?”, said a female voice from my left.

Surprised I look over and see one of the museums employees standing there. Similar to the disguise my armor is creating except she is real not fake and I’m generating a male disguise. Lime green skin, one eye like the rest of her species , slim female build, and completely in love with her work by the looks of it.

“I am, but its not what I’m really here to see.” I replay.

“Oh, I guess you must be here for the weapon gallery then.”, she replied rather hotly.

“Actually no, I came here looking for something else. Just wasn’t expecting artwork.” I replay not showing any sign that acknowledged her anger. Walking away from the picture and continuing my way through gallery

Lighting up a little, “Surprise surprise a male who isn’t thinking about weapons”, she sarcastically states.

Chuckling I replay, “I’m full of surprises.”

“So what do you think of the other galleries?”, Mainly the gallery of armor, vehicles, and other items?” She asks.

I give her a questioning look

“I did the research for that gallery and even though there hasn’t been an actual find of anything in one piece, I proud to say that everything is 99% accurate.” She says smiling like a mad women.

I couldn’t help but laugh at her statement. She notices this and threatens to call security to escort me out.

I’m quick to apologize, “I’m sorry that was rather rude of me.”

“What did you find so funny about that gallery if you don’t mind telling me?” she coldly asks

“Its just that the only thing thats even remotely close is the power armor and I’m giving you about a 40% and thats pushing it.” I reply still chuckling.

Stopping in her tracks, jaw dropping, I merely look back not missing a step stating, “What? its true.”

I could hear her running up to me after a brief twenty second brain restart. Once more beside me she just gives me a hard stare that only says “I’m going to kill you”. I couldn’t help but chuckle some more. Around this time we’ve entered the weapons gallery and I begin scanning to see if they have what I’m looking for.

“How would you know that?”, she asks letting anger control her, “I have a doctorates degree and I’ve traveled to different worlds on a limited budget in order to make this and you who probably doesn’t know whats out there beyond our green sky, comes in here and says that ITS NOT EVEN CLOSE!!” she yells that that last bit me.

As she yells at me, I glance over and find what I’m looking for. In a 12inch thick display case in the center of the room. Walking up to it I can only gaze at it and pretty surprise the key or the CHIEF SWORD they have it identified as, sits in mint condition. Below the name they have a brief description and it says

“The CHIEF SWORD is to believed to have belonged to the leader or leaders of one of the two civilizations involved in the fighting that took place over ten thousand years ago. It was through diligent research that this information came to light. We are proud to have such a legendary weapon in our possession.”

At least they got that part right and good to know they haven’t discovered its true purpose.

Snapping me back to reality, “I see you like the sword. I personally found, discovered its importance, and carried it out. I found that in a buried unrecognizable ship that crashed on a planet in the dark corner.” She proudly states.

Raising my right hand, “Wait…it allowed you to carry it out of the Herm!!”

Before she could give me a reply, gunfire erupts from the gallery entrance. 6 Figures wearing black clothes, black ski masks, and black one eyed shades carry firearms that are the local norm. I’ve studied these weapons and their caliber can’t penetrate my armor. Great I’m in the middle of a museum robbery.

As they spread out one of the figures yells to the others, “Be quick and find that key the buyer wants!”

<WHAT how do they know about the key>

“Found it boss!!” one of the figures states looking in my direction.


“Move out of the way folks and you’ll live.” the leader says in a rather calm manner. I’m impressed

They proceed to plant something onto the glass. Standing back they activate the things and in a few seconds the glass shatters. The leader grabs the key and proceeds to walk to another figure who has a bag just the right size for it. Until it hits the floor as if it gain a few hundred pounds, pulling the leader with it. All 6 of them and the museum employee except me is shocked by this. Getting up the leader tries as hard as he can to lift the key, but he can’t lift it. The others join in and even with all 6 of them they can’t lift it. Finally they give up as sirens are heard approaching. Then the sword at a snails pace starts moving away from them towards me.

“What the hell is going on here?” one of the six asks

Everyone turns to look at me as I openly laugh at them.

“Thats happening because it doesn’t belong to you.” I boldly state between laughs.

The female now facing me slowly backs away to my back left, probably to avoid of being shot.

The leader not in good mood due to the current events points his gun at me “Let me guess, because it belongs in a museum and your going to stop me.”

My digital appearances rolls its one good eye as I reply,”Rephrasing what I already said, Its happening because it doesn’t belong to your species.”  

I actually heard the employee stop dead in her tracks. Once I said that the key leaves the floor and flies in my direction hilt/handle first. I catch it with my left hand as my right hand raises up with a pistol I had on my hip hidden by the disguise. The three closest to me die as rounds cause their heads to explode. The other three run out shooting in my direction and miss completely. Surprising enough they miss “Miss Employee Lady” who hadn’t moved an inch since my statement.

Looking back at her she stands wide eyed at me that is until my disguise fades away reveling my armor.

“Just so you know, nothing in your model gallery is even remotely close to being considered remotely accurate.” I inform her.

Then she faints. Chuckling I simply walk after towards the entrance following the other three that ran away. They must of ran outside since I didn’t run into them on my journey out. As I exit the through the front doors I come across them. The one in the middle nearest to me hears the door, turning with weapon raised. I send him flying back as a three inch hole is craved into his body. The other two at this point have dropped their weapons and are backing away from me as they start down the steps leading to the street. Why they stopped was unknown to me until I drew close enough to see why.

In front of the museum is a lot of firepower. The local police are out in force and have a body at their feet that flew about 30 feet before landing and I’m to blame.

“PUT THE WEAPON DOWN!!”, they command

“You better do what they say, even with that armor you can’t survive that.” states the leader of the now band of 2 in his still calm manner.

I merely chuckle completely ignoring the police’s second command to drop my gun and sword/key.

“Nope because my ride is almost here.” I reply to him

“No one is coming for you, no escape for you my friend.” he says

“If you have a warship there is.”, I state

At this a shadow covers the area as something large blocks the sun. Looking up everyone sees a gigantic black warship seemly appear out of thin air. Descending from it is one of the few automated drop-ships I was able to get up and running. Luckily there is enough space to land. Even after I begin my walk to the drop-ship as its ramp is lowered the police still think they are in control of the situation.


At the foot of the ramp I stop, turn and tilt my head at the speaker as if saying “Really”. Before I continue my path onto the ship another voice yells at me this time from the museum. Looking over I see the employee has regain conciseness and is running to me.

“Stop your stealing museum property.”, she says between breaths.

“Uh, I’m not stealing, I’m reclaiming lost property.” I deadpanned turning back to the ramp I proceed to enter the ship.

“Not until you answer my questions—Hey get back here!!”

She grabs my left wrest hitting the controls to release the helmets face plate and lifting it up. Turning to her she goes wide eyed, gasps and releases her grip on me. Looking towards the police line I get a similar reaction. Entering the ship I raise the ramp and move towards the cockpit. From outside the police make one finally demand.


Really? Are they trying that with a warship above their heads.

Over the ships loudspeaker I speak to the police

“Being the last of my kind helps. Even after over 10,000 years my ship still outclasses anything this era can bring against it.”

With that I instruct the dropship to return back to the ship satisfied that I got what I came for. Once aboard the warship begins to move away from the city towards space itself.  Once there the ship plots a course for home, for what I discovered to be now known as the dark corner. As the ship begins the jump sequence I couldn’t help but wonder,

“Who knows of the keys existents?”

"Do they know the true purpose of the key?"
The Key(rough draft)
Ok as I've said before I'm not much of a writer and I don't know if I'll ever actually fix this up the way I want it to. Its been sittying in my computer for a good three or four months now. Along with a few more short stories that I've written in either that time frame if not longer. Out of all of them this is the most... clean in terms of grammar usage. Not saying the grammar is perfect, but tolerable. Unless you are a grammar nazi or have OCD or etc

That said I decided on that the reader would vision themselves as the character instead of trying to describe his/her appearance. Yes I know I gave him/her a male disguise, but its fake and you'll have to roll with it.


United States
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My file for the pic became corrupt and is not scattered to the winds of data.... ok that was corny. When all is said and done I had to inform my friend of my plan and needles to say that I was happy that I wasn't near her as she screamed something into her phone. I know it was mean of me to do that, but I had a little fun and am currently on the run so to speak. LOL

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